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I have been writing a series of articles for a magazine called ‘Archive’ that deal with various aspects of how sound data in digital form can be examined, created, manipulated, etc. The following pages are based on those articles.

Archive is a magazine for people who use computers running the RISC OS operating system, and is primarily a magazine about computer use. The articles are accompanied by various ‘applications’ (programmes) which were provided partly to illustrate points discussed in the articles, and partly for use by readers. You are welcome to make use of the applications. But PLEASE NOTE: These applications will NOT WORK on other operating systems. To run them you need either to use a computer that runs RISC OS, or to use some form of emulator. The applications all work on an Iyonix running RISC OS 5.xx, and should work on any other reasonably up-to-date RO machine. But I make the usual disclaimers that you use the applications provided at your own risk. The relevant applications are provided below in the form of zip (compressed) files to download.

Even if you are unable to use the applications, you may find the articles of some interest if you wish to know more about the details of manipulating sound data in digital formats.

The series began some years ago, but there was a long break in between articles 3 and 4. For that reason the main points in articles 1 - 3 were covered again later in the series. I have therefore omitted the initial articles here.

Articles 4 - 22 are provided as webpages. Later articles are provided as PDF documents.

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