DAB Transmitters in South/Central Scotland

Since I live in Scotland I became curious about the locations, powers, etc of the ‘local’ DAB transmitters. The map shown below indcates the transmitters in my general area. I created this map initially for my own use, but it then occurred to me that it might be of interest to other people in the relevant area, hence this webpage.

dabmap.gif - 205Kb

On the above each transmitter is represented by a circle with the transmitter at the center of the circle. The diameter of each circle is proportional to the nominal ERP. Note that I do not know the transmitter radiation patterns (or coverage area field strength contours) so the circles should not be taken to imply omnidirectional radiation, nor the shapes of the areas covered.

In most cases, more than one DAB multiplex is broadcast from a given site. The blue circles all indicate the BBC National SFN (Single Frequency Network) which is on channel 12B (225.64 MHz) throughout the UK. The red circles indicate the Digital1 (commercial) National SFN which is on channel 12A (223.93 MHz) throughout the UK. The black circles are ‘local’ or regional broadcasts on various channels. Where two multiplexs have the same power from a given location I have used a broken circle combining the two relevant colours to indicate this.

The area over which I have shown transmitters is limited to the OS National Grid Reference squares NN, NO, NS, and NT. There will therefore be other transmitters outwith this area. The green-black broken lines indicate the grid square boundaries. I have labelled the main transmitter sites, but it can be seen that there are a number of other sites, mostly broadcasting at lower powers.

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